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The Best Wedding Guest Dresses for 2023

The wedding Guest dresses of 2023 are well underway, so you’ll need some stunning fresh dresses to join the festivities this summer.

Along with some genuine wedding inspiration from some seriously stunning wedding guests, we’ve done the hard job of searching the shops to bring you a selection of gorgeous best wedding guest dresses in every color of the rainbow. Whatever your style, you’re sure to find the ideal fit between flowing pastel gowns and trendy dresses.

Neutral wedding guest dresses


If you have a couple of occasions coming up and don’t want to spend a lot of money on separate outfits for each one, neutral colors are a fantastic option. A more simplistic look can be achieved with a neutral company by changing up the shoes and accessories. Beige, taupe, grey, cream, brown, black, and white are neutral colors, as are metallics in these tones.

Pastel wedding guest dresses

For weddings in the spring and summer, pastels are ideal. It’s a lovely, classy, elegant aesthetic, whether you go with a solid hue or a pattern like florals, gingham, or stripes.

Yellow wedding guest dresses

The color yellow is the symbol of a summer wedding dress. There are lots of yellow hues to choose from, from delicate pastels to vibrant neons, to suit every skin tone. ochre to lemon. Everyone will smile as part of this surprising choice.

Orange wedding guest dresses


Orange is a fun choice especially attractive for darker skin tones because it is happy, daring, and creative. Whether you pick a stunning color block dress or a dress with a brilliant floral pattern, an orange dress is sure to turn heads.

Pink wedding guest outfits

Pink is a timeless wedding favorite and a fantastic color to wear as a wedding guest. The Rainbow Colour of 2023, Viva Magenta, has replaced blush pink as the most popular color in stores. Blush pink can wash out light skin tones.

Purple wedding guest outfit ideas


Purple is beautiful for its uniqueness and air of mystery, from fun and delicate purple to royal and rich blackberry.

Blue wedding guest outfit ideas

Blue is a clear and fresh color that is fantastic for summer weddings (especially those on the shore! ), as it is attractive for all skin tones and hair colors. There are various ways to wear blue, from delicate floral prints and toile de jouy to gingham, stripes, and traditional white spots on navy.

Green wedding guest dresses

Green, which is regarded as nature’s neutral, is a clothing color that looks great in any situation. To find your ideal color, experiment with a variety of colors, from earthy sage and olive tones to vivid hues like emerald, jade, kelly green, and lime.


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