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How to Choose the Perfect Oval Cut Rings for Your Wedding

Oval-cut rings became popular by diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan in the 1950s, and today they are timeless. To give these wedding rings a beautiful, feminine appearance, oval-cut diamonds or gemstones are used in their production.

The best part is that they are perfect for the soulful, minimalist, or vintage woman. Engagement rings with oval-cut diamonds or gemstones have an elongated design that makes them appear more significant than their actual carat size. Additionally, they improve a variety of settings, from simple oval engagement ring shapes to delicate stacks. They are therefore a well-liked option among customers and an excellent choice for you. There are a variety of oval ring styles to browse before you go shopping.

Three Stone Oval-Cut Rings


A trio or trilogy rings are other names for the three-stone oval rings. They have current looks and are stylish, timeless, and modern. They are typically associated with loyalty, love, and friendship.

Avoid using all-white diamonds and mix up the diamond colors if you want to get a classic aesthetic. Include baguettes as side stones with an oval in the middle for a more affordable purchase.

Engagement Rings With Vintage Details

The traditional, lifelong-wearing vintage oval engagement ring is rich in culture. They are made with elaborate details from the Edwardian, and Art Deco eras and are influenced by antiques. The best band materials for these rings are platinum, sterling silver, and yellow gold. Mount your diamond on white gold, nevertheless, to add a modern feel to it.

Minimalism is key when choosing an engagement ring that is old or vintage. Already, its uniqueness attracts attention.

Halo Oval Engagement Rings


Since oval rings are traditional, the halo just provides to enhance the ring’s brightness and personalization. Together, they express absolute shine, beauty, and elegance. An aspiring bride feels this while wearing her halo oval engagement diamond.

The oval rings with a diamond halo improve the finger in a way that is natural and attracts the correct kind of attention. For an amazing Discussion starter, place this design on a white gold or platinum setting.

Colored Oval Cut Engagement Rings

engagement rings with color are for bright, creative, and independent women. The colored jewels’ elegant facets and features made sure that they would sparkle brilliantly. A fantastic way to display colored gemstones is with an oval shape.

Your ideal gems for choosing colors should be sapphire, morganite, emerald, diamond, and ruby. You can also choose a colored gem of your choosing, but your setting needs to match it properly.

Rose Gold Oval Cut Rings


A beautiful design, the engagement ring in rose gold combines simplicity and originality. It’s a unique ring because of its attractive and symbolic pink color. There are two shades of rose gold: a soft sparkling shade and a pinkish hue. Therefore, you must pick one that complements your skin tone.

For the best appearance, combine your rose gold jewelry with straightforward solitaire, split shank settings, pave, halo, or vintage milgrain.

Simple Oval Cut Rings

Simple oval engagement rings are classic because luxury stands in simplicity. The stone creates the bar for solitaire engagement rings, which usually go together with plain rings. A few amazing designs to keep an eye out for include micro pave, twisted pave, halo, numerous stones, and more.

You can get creative with metals like platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver with this look. Simple engagement rings are classy and always in vogue.

Oval Rings In Wedding Sets


For minimalist women, the bands should be simple because an oval engagement ring is beautiful. However, bold women can go abroad with a shine. Pair the eye-catching, unique rings with a pave diamond wedding band for an air of luxury. Stack it with a zigzag wedding ring that has a “V”-shaped crevice to sit the stone for a more traditional appearance. Remember to choose a thin wedding band so that your band’s rings don’t look out of place.

Because they are stylish, modern, and eternal, oval engagement rings are popular right now. They are also worth their value in terms of appearance, fashion, caliber, and stability. engagement rings are incredibly adaptable and match practically any metal and setting perfectly. So, if you’re looking for a ring, think about choosing an oval. For more inspiration, see our curated list and information on oval rings.


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