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The Right Finger for Your Engagement Ring: Which is Perfect for You?

Diamond rings are now widely viewed as a symbol of trust and love. But on which finger should an engagement ring be worn? Does the finger on which an engagement ring is worn influence a person’s relationship?

How quickly did you jump when you found your partner wanted to advance your relationship? The most desired moment in a person’s life is marriage. The emotional commitment required for starting a relationship while going through all its ups and downs is infinite. Therefore, whether it is an engagement or a wedding, it must be unique. Everything must be perfect, including the engagement ring, the venue, the guest list, and the dates. What about the different variables of a wedding, though? First of all, Which finger is best for ring-wearing?

Please describe how engagement rings are starting to be worn worldwide and on which finger they are placed. Are there different rules for men’s and women’s engagement ring fingers in Hinduism?

Which hand and finger to wear an engagement ring?

Further, the traditions are completely different in some countries, such as Chile. The bride and groom must first exchange engagement rings. Second, their right hand is the one that will be wearing the engagement ring. As such, their right hand is set with engagement rings. When a couple gets married, they switch the rings to their left hand.

It’s amazing to notice that, no matter the hand they wear it on, couples always wear their engagement rings on the ring finger.

Have you ever considered the reason why people wear rings on their ring fingers, though?

Engagement Ring Finger for Male and Female in India


Ancient Egyptian and Roman cultures are where the custom of wearing an engagement ring on the ring finger first started. People at the time thought a pulse connected the left hand’s fourth finger to the heart. The vein of love was what they were known as. The ring finger is a symbol of love and commitment because a relationship is all about feelings that come from the heart. (Source)

Despite the emotions of this idea, hardly one today agrees with it. This is also the case since the vena amoris does not actually exist, as is common knowledge. As a result, even if the story is no longer true, the tradition still continues to function.

Countries with the same ring tradition as Britain

The tradition of wearing an engagement ring is still popular in many countries that speak English today, including Ireland, the United States, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. On the left hand’s ring finger, which is the fourth finger, many also wear their engagement rings. Also following the method are Jordan, Turkey, Mexico, Croatia, Romania, Finland, and Slovenia.

A similar ceremony is also observed in Egypt and Italy. Please take note that it was in these two countries where the custom of using the ring finger on the left hand first started. In Hinduism, the engagement ring finger is really seen as being the same for men and women.

Which Finger is for Engagement Ring in India?

In the country of India, traditionally, women do not have an engagement ring finger. However, due to Western influence, swapping engagement rings is becoming common. Men wear engagement rings on the right ring finger of their hands, whereas women wear them on their left hand while discussing engagement ring finger place in India.

Men’s Engagement Rings


No trend in the past has required men to wear engagement rings. A groom’s engagement ring finger is unknown to the general public. But in today’s society, this trend is growing. Ever wonder which finger matches a man’s ring finger? Well, it’s the same ring finger on the left hand as in women. 

Men’s engagement ring images on Pinterest have increased by 280%, according to a Huffington Post survey.

Engagement Ring Fingers Today

Ceremonies around engagement rings tend to be exciting for many people. It feels fantastic to understand the significance of the engagement ring’s placement on the finger. But not everyone enjoys going with the flow for different reasons. And it’s all right!

Nowadays, couples frequently find themselves divided between different cultures. As a result, they disagree on how the ring ceremony is supposed to work. Other couples also want to approach it in a way that satisfies them. And that’s wonderful. The main thing is what it means to you and your spouse, not what you decide to do or which finger you wear your ring on. Since rings aren’t usually a part of Indian culture, the ring finger is not necessary in that country.

Together, you will decide how to proceed with the promise and what it means to you, whether it is an agreement of eternalness, an affirmation of love, or something else.


So, the question of “Which finger to wear an engagement ring” has no clear or tested answer. Many customs and guidelines regarding a suitable engagement ring finger are present depending on the country or faith. You are able to select whichever you wish. However, one thing is sure. An engagement ring can be worn in any style, especially in modern times. As a result, you and your partner can be as creative or original as you like.

Others like to wear engagement rings on their index fingers, while some people prefer their middle fingers. Sometimes people choose the ring, hand, or finger based on what will work best for their lifestyle.


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