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An Expert Guide to the Wedding- Beauty Timeline

You know that you must plan some time for wedding beauty timeline prep, but where and when should you begin? We’ve assembled a Wedding Beauty day to help you get that radiant bride (or groom!) look and feel your best on your special day.

Here’s a step-by-step plan to get the perfect bridal glow and flawless skin before your wedding day Timeline.

Beauty may be an afterthought when you’re knee-deep in wedding planning.

Wedding- Beauty Timeline 5–6 Months To Go…

It’s time to start a health and fitness plan if your goal is to tone up, lose weight, or just feel better for your wedding beauty Timeline.

Get moving. After supper, take a 20-minute walk, register in a yoga class, or hire a personal trainer. While moving your body will help you feel your best, no one expects you to train like you’re walking a marathon.

Take a look at your eating habits. Try to eat less processed foods and more servings of fruits, vegetables, and whole foods. Just watch out not to starve yourself (clearly, alcohol and chocolate are necessary for wedding planning).

Meditate…or at least take some deep breaths. The stress of wedding beauty timeline planning can be overwhelming. You are looking to manage your stress in order to take care of your inner self as well.

3–4 Months To Go… 

This is an excellent chance to start playing with your wedding beauty timeline -day style, without worrying about a last-minute meltdown. Maybe you’ve been thinking about trying out a sassy haircut, glam eye makeup, or a completely new hair color.

Make consultation appointments with potential hairstylists and makeup artists. Don’t be afraid to ask! Though they might look outstanding would those highlights on Pinterest match your off-white gown or flatter your skin tone?

Book professionals ASAP when you’ve found the ones you love. Then plan your practice runs on the wedding day. TIP: To get two times the beauty, plan your trial for the same day as your engagement pictures or another important function. 

If you’ve never had a spray tan before, get one now. Now is a good time to give it a try so you can find out what to expect, what color you will be, and how to keep it looking good. Uncomfortable sun lines? Thank you.

How are your eyebrows looking? Set down the tweezers and book an appointment with a professional brow groomer if you need help in this area.

1–2 Months To Go…

As the wedding beauty Timeline day gets closer it’s important to maintain your positive routine and complete your beauty preparations.


If you’re still following your nutrition and fitness routines, don’t stop now! And get back on the wagon if you’ve fallen off. You can do this! Keep up your clean eating and make an effort to combine cardio and weightlifting (no, shopping does not qualify as cardio). Drink a lot of water every day.

Finalize your wedding-day hair and makeup looks. For your trial, bring any veils or hair accessories you may want, and don’t be afraid to voice your distaste for your stylist’s work. Once you’ve perfected your style, snapshots help you know the little things and see how everything looks in pictures.

If you’ve decided to DIY, hit up your nearest Sephora or beauty counter for fresh goods and professional advice. Practice, practice, practice is also a must. more so if you wish to become an expert at applying artificial eyelashes.

Get your teeth whitened using a specialist or with whitening strips used at home. Reduce your coffee habit to maintain bright, white teeth (or at least drink it through a straw)

1–3 Weeks To Go…

Now you’re in the home stretch! 

Get your hair trimmed. You can maintain the freshness of your style by just a few inches. 

Color your hair at least two weeks before the wedding. Try something different now, or continue with your go-to shade and go with something easy like baby lights for a little pick-me-up.

Invest in a smells-so-good-you-could-eat-it lotion and begin hydrating your body every day. For the victory, soft skin.

Get a wax. Naturally, if that’s how you roll. Start waxing as soon as possible to prevent any avoidable skin problems as it can irritate the skin and result in redness or pimples.

Indulge in a facial. Enjoy one of these beauty treatments well in advance of the big day, as they may irritate or cause redness.

If you’re the groom, you may want to try out a professional shave to check if you agree with it. If so, getting one before the wedding beauty Timeline may be lovely!

De-stress with a massage. You deserve it.

3 Days To Go…

In the words of Aziz Ansari: “Treat yourself!”


Get that mani-pedi, girl!  Bring your future partner along to make sure that everyone looks good for those close-up ring photos.

Put together your wedding emergency kit Now add whatever cosmetics you’ll need for touch-ups on your wedding beauty Timeline day.

If you decide to go for that spray tan, Your tan will fade into a more natural shade if you do this a little early. To improve the lasting impact of your tan, wait at least 8 hours before taking a shower and moisturize every day.

Deep condition your hair. And if you’re feeling very fancy, relax at home with a cucumber over your eyes and a clay face mask.

Cut out alcohol and excess sodium.  Awkward, yet you don’t want to look big in pictures!

The Day Before…

Just relax. It’s almost the big day, and you’ve never felt or looked better. 


Wash your hair. Day-old hair works best for most styles, but make sure to consult your stylist first to find out what she needs

 Be sure to drink lots of water. 

Get at least 8 hours of beauty sleep. 

The Day Of The Wedding…

You’ve been successful and you look amazing!

Eat a healthy breakfast. This is not the day to sip mimosas and eat sugar-coated French toast. Your stomach needs to agree with you. particularly if you’re dressed in white. Simply said.

Allow plenty of time for the “getting ready” process. Make sure your hair and makeup are done at least two to three hours before the wedding starts.

Wear a button-down shirt or pretty robe to save yourself from having to undo your perfectly styled updo with a shirt.

Spritz on a really special perfume. or fragrance!

Take deep breaths. Take full advantage of the occasion and savor every second of this unique day.

Pop an Altoid and pucker up buttercup.  You’re prepared for the limelight!


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