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The Top 8 Must-Have Makeup Ideas for Wedding Guests

Certainly, as a wedding guest makeup, the first thing you’d like to decide is what to wear.  The details of the wedding present and travel come next.

But you’d also need to choose your wedding guest makeup to match your gown for your overall style. While looking so attractive is important, you shouldn’t overshadow the bride. With so many choices, here are some of our greatest makeup ideas for wedding guests that can be readily adjusted to any style.

Natural Makeup Looks For Wedding Guests


If you’re one of those people who wants their natural beauty to stand out, have a look at our ideas for natural wedding guest makeup. If the wedding dress is so dynamic that it can speak for itself, you could apply this barely-there makeup style. You only need a bit of lip balm with tone and minimal foundation.

Glam Wedding Guest Makeup

Some people look their best in glam makeup, so if that suits you, you should try metallics. Give yourself a bright look by highlighting your hair and eyes with gold. Put on a glossy lip to finish. A black or dark wedding dress with a hairdo that attracts your hair away from your face would create a beautiful look that would stand out.

Lush Lips Makeup Ideas


A pretty lip is an attractive glam makeup idea. This can be done with the traditional red lipstick. Simply pick a unique color that would match or match your clothes, depending on the look you want. Choose a red color with violet or blue undertones for a delicious plum lip.

Glowly Bronzed Looks For Guests

For a bronzy look that will keep you shining all day or all night, go for pastel colors with gold highlights. It’s not necessary for wedding guests’ makeup to be minimal; bronzer and beige or brown hues look stunning together. For a flawless look, end with a lip gloss in a bikini.

Eyes Wedding Guest Makeup


If you don’t know yet, a wedding is a perfect time to try out that wing-shaped eyeliner you’ve wanted to try. Because your eyes tend to be your best feature, eye makeup is important. If you have no idea of how to create the perfect wings, use your mirror and that black gel eyeliner pen and look up a wedding guest makeup education online.

Summer Wedding Looks For Guests

For summer wedding guests, earthy shades offer a beautiful makeup choice. While the sun cools down, try to feel and look as lovely and natural as you can. Natural colors look great on everyone and help bring out your skin’s warmth. For a lovely finish, mix with powder that is pink or a shade similar to pink lips.

Simple Makeup To Wear To A Wedding


It’s never an excellent idea to wear simple makeup as a wedding guest. Apart from the fact that you wouldn’t want to shame the newlyweds, the class of minimalism is hard to imitate in other ways. For an effortless look with blended eye makeup and light contouring, think about using an airbrush. A great choice if you plan to wear a dress in a bold color or a dress with vivid colors.

Fair Skin Wedding Guest Makeup

For wedding guests makeup for fair skin, think about matte tones. Contrast with glittery bronzer, a matte one gives your skin a smoother tone. If you want a hot look, line the lips with red lipstick then apply fine black eyeliner on the eyes. If you want a bit simpler look, another choice is nude, raised lips.


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