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Affordable Luxury: Best 10 White Gold Engagement Rings 

The popularity of white gold engagement rings has grown over the last ten years. Why? Everything is simple: white gold is less expensive than platinum, softer than yellow gold, and suitable for every skin type and color.

Also, it suits practically any gemstone color you can think of! We have everything, including solitaire, round and princess cuts, retro, simple shapes, and more. Visit our collection to find inspiration!

Round Engagement Rings

Round diamond engagement rings set in white gold have a timeless classic allure. Similarly compared to other designs, the style produces the most light. The round white gold wedding band’s look fits every hand shape and allows for creativity with various wedding bands. You can experiment with cathedral settings, pave, and bezels with round white gold engagement rings.

Vintage Engagement Rings In White Gold

White gold vintage engagement rings more effectively capture your uniqueness and personality. They are also adjustable in a variety of unique shapes, including feminine florals, delicate lacy forms, and others. While maintaining particulars from their original times, the white gold vintage rings are renewing themselves. Numerous floral and graphic patterns are set on covered white gold bands. Also, brides choose a variety of gems, like sapphire, diamonds, opals, and others. For traditional effects, they are set in bands made of white gold engagement rings.

White Gold Halo Engagement Rings

White gold is one of the most durable metals for halo ring settings for adventurous brides. Choose a princess cut set in a white gold rounded milgrain-accented diamond halo setting. It can be decorated with vine elements that blend with white gold engagement rings to create a stylish look. For a charming and brilliant look, sprinkle the ring with milgrain or pave diamond studs if you prefer more shine.

Pear Engagement Rings In White Gold

The most popular White gold engagement rings currently are pears. the choice metal this time. The finger looks longer, more space is used up by pear-shaped stones, and more money is saved. Pears are more colorful and shining than other cuts, particularly when set on white gold. Pears lay at attracting angles when set in white gold prongs or bezel settings.

Simple Engagement Rings


Simple white gold engagement rings have a modern, understated elegance that the self-assured woman simply cannot ignore. It is a manifestation of characters who don’t require attention in order to shine. Simple rings made of white gold include simple designs, timeless shapes, and understated decorations. His creation makes the gemstone the center of attention, focusing ring.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

The solitaire is the best type of simple white gold engagement ring for the traditional lady. A white gold diamond is a time-honored example of both elegance and tradition mixed. The white gold prong setting maximizes the diamond’s brightness by allowing light to pass through from below. Choose 18k white gold engagement rings to maximize their beauty. You may install it on any ring style and match any diamond shape.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Why not? Every girl wants to feel like a princess when wearing her gold and white gold engagement rings. They are beautiful to look at, cost less money, and are perfect for a stylish bride. Princess cuts are brilliant when set in white gold, which talks about both a modern and vintage appearance.

Twisted Band Engagement Rings

Twisted bands made of white gold radiate romance and symbolize an endless path of love. Brides who value simplicity will choose a delicate twist in white gold so that they can shine without constraint. Add a pave setting of vibrant jewels to the white gold if the wearer wants the piece to sparkle more. Let the vintage bride or the hopeless romantic choose a white gold band with diamonds folded around it. Finish with a center stone of your choosing to get a bold or simple design.

Sapphire Engagement Rings In White Gold


These days, white gold sapphire engagement rings are highly desirable due to their unique color diversity. Peach, blue, pink, teal, green, lavender, orange, and yellow are some of the color mixes. Additionally, brides choose to skip diamonds in favor of colorless/white sapphire, and they do it beautifully. They are less expensive per carat than diamonds and make stunning center stones and accents. The white gold metal setting will improve the stone’s brilliance by adding extra shine and bounce.

Oval Cut Engagement Rings In White Gold


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