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5 Popular Dreamy Winter Wedding Invitations Ideas

You got married in the winter, of all the year’s seasons, and for good reason. But, start the process with your winter wedding invitations to get things started.

 Getting married in the winter is an unforgettable memory in every way. Everything about this magical event is beautiful, from the charming décor to the stunning venue.

The snow season you are so in love with should be embodied in your winter wedding invites. Consider using a traditional color scheme, adding flowers, greenery, and possibly even gold-plated lettering. Remember to match your winter wedding invitation suite with the gorgeous backdrops of mountains, pine cones, centers, and twinkling Christmas lights.

Therefore, these winter months, whether you’re embracing the snow or bringing on the lavish decorations of the Christmas celebration, winter wedding invitation ideas will make your wedding one remember.

Rustic Winter Wedding Invitations

Rustic winter wedding invitation designs take inspiration from nature, even in the colder months. Select white-written floral wedding invites around a gold-foiled border of white flowers and greenery. choosing on a simple style? Add a tiny wreath made of drawn roses and greenery to the header and corners of the lavender backdrop. Metallic woodgrain wedding invites add a sophisticated yet modest touch to your big day, especially if you’re pulling out the mason jars and an infinite supply of candles. To get a rustic style, use a color palette of grey, navy blue, lavender, or pastel pink.

Elegant Winter Wedding Invitations


There are a few things to think about while designing elegant winter wedding invitations. Apply patterns to improve and modify the seasonal and wedding theme symbolism. For a unified yet elegant look, go with a traditional and timeless color palette in neutral and gold tones. Take note of the components and only suggest a paper that weighs more than 100 pounds or 300 grams per square meter and has features such as a smooth, refined texture for crushed Micah for a shimmering, elegant winter effect, or a tactile cottony finish for foil stamping. Above all, they stand out thanks to the patterns, cutting, and finishes.

Unique Winter Wedding Invitations

Select unique geometric winter wedding invitations that are laser-cut from card stock to create a visually striking final product. For a more unique look with a desert influence, mix earthy and turquoise colors with beautiful hills. For a stunning holiday look, emboss a gold dahlia artwork and lettering on a snowy pin stock card. Use handmade paper with a deckle edge and calligraphy in charcoal blue with dried pink flower petals for more personalized, affordable winter wedding invites. Gong antique in the winter? To create a dreamy preview, combine Turkish and Californian themes, such as gold lanterns and citrus, over a dark background.

Winter-Themed Wedding Invitations


Winter wedding invites are not just for the holidays. Instead, use gentle snowflake details and a variety of blue hues in a grey and snowy white color scheme. If you find it too overpowering, try something melancholy and dark, combining them with rich colors like burgundy or gilded accents. Aside from twine decorations or neutral stock cards, you can add designs like wandering reindeer, enthralling barns, warm cabins, charming farms, and broad grasslands beneath starry sky to enhance the pastoral splendor of the winter season. Consider hand-drawn calligraphy or watercolor illustrations for a more customized look.

Wedding Invitations In Christmas Theme

When considering ideas for Christmas wedding invitations, a rich palette of snow-white, deep ruby red, forest green, and gold accents comes to mind. We won’t soon forget the exotic touches, which included hot cocoa, Christmas trees, holly, and faux fur wraps, all presented on exquisite paper cards. Elegant options include the handcrafted Kraft card decorated with silver glitter, string, and white paint. Impress simplicity with these enchanted winter tree wedding invitations, which have a tan background with festive cursive scripts that resemble hessian for a rustic vibe. Select a silver glitter border for the Christmas delights, paired with a laser-cut snowflake gate and holly sprigs for a beautiful look.


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